The Kingdom of Lesotho

Welcome to Maseru, the capital of the tiny Kingdom of Lesotho located inside of South Africa. Before saying “yes” to squad leading Gap G, I have to be honest, I didn’t know this country existed. And with conviction that has now turned into gratitude, I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve here for two months with this World Race squad and our brothers and sisters in Lesotho.


For the past two weeks since our arrival I have been living with team Reckless Abandon, made up of six women all on fire for the Lord and His kingdom. We camp out every night in the living room of our beloved contact, Lineo. (Yes, seven of us in one living room) And mornings are filled with coffee, tea, hours of quiet time, devotionals and Bible studies, prayer and laughter. When you get that many women into one house, you are guaranteed to find something to celebrate and laugh about.

During the week our ministry takes us to the town of Khubetsoana, about 30 minutes outside of Maseru. There we join in with an after school program for teens with Lineo, the Youth For Christ Regional Director in Lesotho. Every day we have around 10-25 teenagers and kids that come to hang out, play games, learn ukulele, practice Spanish (yep, you bet I’m still holding onto my second language!) and talk about Jesus. 

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And what has astonished me the most is just how natural everything is. When it comes to hanging out, teaching lessons, breaking up into small groups to talk about Jesus, prayer and answering questions, it is all so natural. Sure, we’ve got the occasional long awkward silence but their hearts are genuinely open and hungry. Hungry for love. Hungry for fellowship. Hungry for Jesus. 


Poco a poco. 

And the women I’m living with? They are radiant and are choosing to walking in abandonment. This ministry requires us all to walk in boldness, step outside comfort zones and trust the Lord in a new way: obediently, faithfully and soaked in love. So it comes as no surprise that I am over the moon delighted to get to spend the ENTIRE month of December with them. Including Christmas. 

World Race Christmas Cookies

Though it’s summer and warm in the southern hemisphere we look forward to the hot chocolate, Christmas music, stockings, cookies and birthday celebration that comes upon us this time of year. A World Race Christmas. I hear there is nothing that compares! 

Marshmallows roasting on an open fire…

Until then, we send our love, prayers and joy to you all!




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