Kingdom on a Couch

Week three of our 9 month journey is coming to a close. I sit here in Guatemala City on a day of rest, where my soul has been filled to the brim and joy is overflowing uncontrollably. What is this life? A blessed one. Beyond what words could ever attempt to paint. 

I’ve joined team United Pursuit in Guatemala City for the next two weeks as we serve alongside our brothers and sisters of the Guatemalan YWAM base. Somehow, in less than 26 hours, I’ve come to find myself at home and comfortably joking with brothers and sisters – friends who have become family – in just a little over a day. How does this happen? It’s Kingdom.

After a week of ministry we woke to a day of rest. A day of adventure. Whatever we wanted to make it. I was pursuing rest. After breakfast some of the young adults from the YWAM discipleship program joined us around a table and we began to play music and sing. What started as just a little fun playing drums, strumming guitar and exercising our vocal chords turned into an unexpected three hours of organic worship. 

And it wasn’t just English. 

What took place was a time of adoration and praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords by his beloved children from different tribes and tongues. The United States: English. Guatemala: Spanish. Indigenous regions of Guatemala: Achí. Honduras: Miskito. Japan: Japanese. 8 men and women. 8 children of God. 8 lovers of Jesus. All in unity. One body. One Spirit. One Lord. One faith. One baptism. One God. One Father of them all who is over all and through all and in all.

Kingdom happened on a couch. 




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