An Attitude of Gratitude

In month three of my World Race journey one of my squad-mates began a gratitude journal. It was a tough month for her and her team. A really tough month. They had cause to complain, be angry and frustrated with all that was going on. Instead, they chose to pursue thankfulness. Hearts of gratitude instead of attitude. This blog she wrote sums up the beauty behind gratitude beyond what I could attempt: Eucharisteo

So a few months back when I stumbled across a journal that accurately describes my life – blessed – I was reminded of eucharisteo and hungered to pursue the same – a constant attitude of gratitude. Since then I’ve taken this journal to the places the Lord brings me and invite those who I do life with to join in and write their “I’m thankful for…”

Today marks our first travel day as we launch into the field and fly out to Guatemala. So many crazy things happened along the way (and we’re still waiting in the airport) in which I could chose to be angry, frustrated and negative. But I’m not because I can only see from eyes and love from a heart that is full of thankfulness.

Whether you start a journal of your own or would like to add some lines to my book (I’m currently at 366 with many pages left to be filled) I want to invite you to choose to see the beauty in life. Recognize where and how you are blessed. And choose thankfulness and rejoicing even when it all goes wrong and hurts.

And to help you along, here are my gratitudes, thus far, for today:

  • Being able to sleep in a little on our travel day
  • Comfy pillows at the Holiday Inn
  • Apples and Cheerios from the free table
  • Friendly security personnel at the airport
  • Prayers from family and friends
  • Losing my jacket to deeply appreciate the beauty of God’s faithfulness in returning it
  • The depth of the Father’s love for me
  • Squad-mates who buy an extra coffee and give it to you. Just because.
  • Going through security twice and being able to laugh with the agent
  • Phone calls from home
  • Random acts of kindness from a security agent who gave us a whole suite to ourselves as we wait for our plane
  • Hearing Gap-G’s stories of life, interests, passions, and dreams
  • Laughter in the midst of chaos
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Free wifi to post a last minute blog
  • Abundant outlets to charge our electronics
  • Financial support from you so I can be here to lead, love and learn
  • Prayer support from you to know the Father’s will, teach in truth and walk in safety
  • You.


With much love and an abundance of gratitude,



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