Kingdom on a Couch

Week three of our 9 month journey is coming to a close. I sit here in Guatemala City on a day of rest, where my soul has been filled to the brim and joy is overflowing uncontrollably. What is this life? A blessed one. Beyond what words could ever attempt to paint.  I’ve joined team United […]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

In month three of my World Race journey one of my squad-mates began a gratitude journal. It was a tough month for her and her team. A really tough month. They had cause to complain, be angry and frustrated with all that was going on. Instead, they chose to pursue thankfulness. Hearts of gratitude instead […]

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He is Abel

I wonder if learning a musical instrument is kind of like getting a tattoo: once you get your first, you’re always planning and thinking about the next one. Once I found Faith, I couldn’t help but think about who would be next… One way in which my family has supported me going back on the World Race is through the gift of a […]

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