Chapter 27: Going Back

It’s been a little over seven months since I returned to the US and each day the Lord never ceases to delight my heart with His goodness and faithfulness. He has blessed me with quite the road-trip full of adventure, reunions, new friendships, one-way tickets and round-trip love.

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Now, after months of spiritual waiting and rest, as my 27th year quickly approaches, God has revealed to me the next chapter in this adventure I like to call life.

My faithful friends and beloved family, I am going back on the World Race!

Last year I participated in Adventures in Missions’ (AIM) World Race, an 11 month missions trip in which we spent one month in 11 different countries partnering with local churches, ministries and missionaries.

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Another program Adventures offers is the World Race Gap Year for individual between 18-21 years. They serve nine months overseas spending three months in three different countries. In August, just a few short days away, I will be returning to the field as a Squad Leader for a Gap Year squad for the full nine months!

Of all the ministries, churches, and partnerships I was blessed to come and serve along side last year throughout Central and South America – discipleship caught my heart. I fell in love. There is nothing I desire more than loving those around me, speaking truth into their lives, calling my brothers and sisters higher and guiding them into a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Father.

God allowed me to choose to be a part of His mission and I said yes. I want to extend a similar invitation to you, asking for you to join me on this journey. Will you partner with me, support me through prayer, encouragement and love? Will you also prayerfully consider supporting me financially?

There are two ways in which your financial support will allow me to serve the Lord, this Squad and the nations this year.

First, I need to raise $3500 to be fully funded for my nine months of Squad Leading. If you feel led to support me financially, please click the link below. It will direct you to my support page through Adventures in Missions: Support Allison Hencke’s World Race

Second, leaving to serve on the field requires me to purchase and invest in items I will need on a daily basis throughout the next nine months. Some of these supplies I will need to purchase before I leave and others, I will need to purchase while on the field. Where I am at today, I cannot afford to purchase all of these items, such as saline and contacts or paying for a doctor’s appointment, a daypack and rain jacket for travel or vitamins for the months I will be gone. If the Lord leads you, will you consider supporting me with a personal donation so I am able to purchase these items?

I have also created an itemized spreadsheet for what I will need before I leave the country and for the next nine months of my journey. If you would like a copy of this spreadsheet or would like to contact me with further questions please email me at and I would be honored to share these details with you. If you have my phone number, please don’t hesitate to call!

I will be leaving July 29th for a week of training in the beautiful state of Georgia.  Then, with my leadership team and squad, we will fly out on August 8th to spend the next nine months in Guatemala, Lesotho and Cambodia!

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The Lord is faithful to all His servants and to all His promises. I thank you already for the support you have shown me over the past two years. I will continue to blog over the course of these next nine months about my experiences, the Squad, God’s provision and His goodness. Please subscribe to my blog as I write to share updates, prayer requests, and stories of faith and triumph.

With gratitude and great love,



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