Love Does: Eight Hours in Denver

“Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind…”

Red dirt roads and hot southern air; weeks filled with worship, cooking, inevitable sweating and 47 stairs; nights of laughter, 17 doors and full cups of tea. Words and photos will forever fail to encompass the wonder of my last three weeks in the beautiful state of Georgia. Though born and raised in the Midwest, the avid-traveler within me secretly believes I could be a little Southern. Pay no mind to the heat or humidity; and I’ll take seconds on the sweet tea and Chick-fil-A any day.

On an even sweeter note, the majority of my June was filled with days during which I rediscovered how deep, how genuine and how childlike love is and how Love Does. Sweet, unrefined, selfless love. The straight-up Jesus kind.

It all began with an eight hour layover in Denver. My flight was supposed to take off at 8:30pm and connect from Denver to Atlanta. But it didn’t. It was delayed three hours, at least. But a friend jumped at the opportunity to not only pick me up at 12:30am her time, but also entertain me, house me and drive me back to the airport just a short 8 hours later. Who does that?

Love does.

Did you know she home schools all her kids? And already had a busy day before and the one after. This would guarantee her little to no sleep that night. Did you know I haven’t seen her in person for nearly 15 years? Who does that?

Love does.

And when we spent hours upon hours catching up, sharing stories, laughing, mourning, encouraging and wiping away the sleep because it was so good to be together… Did you know she invited me back any time I was in the area? Who does that?

Love does.

“Love does not stop nicely to calculate the less or more; love does not stop to work out how little it can respectably give. With a kind of divine extravagance, love gives everything it has and never counts the cost. Calculation is never any part of love.” – William Barclay

My eight hours in Denver was just the beginning. I could write so many stories of how deep Jesus revealed what His love really looks like: spontaneous airport pickups, a place to sleep be it the floor or a couch, playing your guitar, drinking your coffee and then waking up at 4:00am to bring me back to Atlanta.

My heart beats ecstatically as I long for you to experience and give this kind of love. It’s transforming, choosing to love continually without calculation, without preference and without personal gain. Because really, who has chosen to love furiously and looks back on it with regret?  My biggest regret is that I choose not to love harder or deeper, and instead choose to love within my personal limits and preferences.

Rarely do I boast about how incredible a book is and less often do I find one that changes my perspective in life. But this book did. So I will. If you have not heard of or read Bob Goff’s Love Does, here is a link to purchase it from Amazon. I have a strong hope that you will deeply enjoy it and desire to pass it along.

So cheers to chapters and the laughter that will ensue. Salud! to the love that will ignite within your soul. And may the Lord bless you abundantly and reveal His deep, intimate, unlimited love for you today, tomorrow and forever more.


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