The Fort Worth Oasis

Hey y’all! Are you ready for this? It’s a long post with a lot of adorable photos (mostly) and a mini life update. If you’re driving don’t read this, wait till you get home. Keep both hands on the wheel and one head out the window.


If you find yourself a little sleepy on this Sunday afternoon go take a nap. It’s okay, we’ll be here when you wake up.


Not tired? Grab a snack and munch along as you read.


Go grab your favorite stuffed animal or blanket and make yourself comfortable.


Ready? Us too!

In March I felt the Spirit tugging on my heart to fly out and spend an indefinite amount of time with my mom out west. And goodness, did Montana sweep me off my feet. They don’t call it “Big Sky Country” for no reason.


Just as I was getting accustomed to being the “new kid on the block,” and diving into a new church, a sister I served with on the World Race last year called to invite me down south, deep in the heart of Texas. I prayed and felt the Spirit affirm. A flight was booked and Faith, my guitar, and I headed on south to see just what God and Fort Worth, TX had in store.


I’m working together with my friend and her company. Throughout the week I delight in offering my superb multitasking skills and HR experience in the office (thank you PSSI). And also have a chance to get my hands dirty ripping up carpets, caulking gaps, Craigslist bargain hunting and arranging furniture. It’s a well-rounded business experience for sure.

The adventures are endless but let’s not ignore the resurfacing insecurities and struggles with perfectionism and people pleasing. Yuck. The Lord has done a great deal of work in me over the past 18 months but he’s not finished with me yet. Though there are highs and lows each day, living once more in community with a beloved sister in Christ answers a million and one of my prayers. It has allowed us time and space to confess our struggles, ask for prayer, speak life into each other and laugh at our mistakes – daily, because we’re really messed up!

But I haven’t even told you the best part of the job, though you may have already guessed. I am a personal nanny to this little guy:

*Fear not, the car was still in ‘park’ when the photo was taken

Sure, Charlie expertly finds my socks to chew and has an affinity for eating paper from my music book. But we’re making great improvements on the whole “no bite” thing and giving double high-fives. Dog-nannying will certainly be going on my updated resume. Let me know if you’re in need. I can also train them in Spanish, if desired.

My time in Fort Worth and the surrounding area has been like finding an oasis after months of long, on-foot desert travel. An oasis filled with 12 springs of soul-quenching community and 70 palm trees of life-giving laughter*. Thank you Jesus for spontaneous M-squad reunions, real Mexican food, puppy snuggles, Waco road trips and new southern friends.






My few weeks here are coming to a close and the Spirit is taking me in a north-west direction for the upcoming holiday. I’ll be spending a few days in Portland with some family then up north to Washington for mother’s day. If you’re in the area and want to grab some coffee or kombucha, give me a call. There’s nothing I’d love more!

I leave you and Texas with sweet blessings and much love. Charlie sends a few furry kisses your way as well.




*Refers to Exodus 15:27


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