Even if…

I’m falling into no specific rhythm or routine as I finish up my second week of a sabbatical-vacation in France. It’s hard to put in words why I’m here or what I’m doing. Some days it looks like staying in bed until 10, reading, sipping tea and a second cup of coffee. Other days it’s […]

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Remembering: One Year Later

A year ago today we met for the first time in Atlanta, all expectant for what was to come but also very unaware. No one can possibly know what nine months serving in five different countries and three different continents might hold.  Though our nine months have come to an end, the work, love, relationships and […]

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The Kingdom of Cambodia

I sit here on the brink of finally beginning to write and realize my coffee cup is empty. There is a debate going on in my head, longer than socially acceptable, on whether I should pause for the few minutes it takes to brew a second cup, or (knowing myself) risk being distracted by something […]

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Oh bless…

  “A blessing” is the best way I could describe the last two and a half years of my life: traveling the world, visiting new countries, partnering with missionaries, meeting new families and making lifelong friends. Of all the new experiences, languages, foods and customs, my favorite cultural norm I’ve discovered to be quite common and long to bring with me […]

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The Simplicity of Love

Before the memories fade. Before my phone reminds me that I am running out of space. Before any more days pass… Here is a story of a multitude of children – precious to the Father’s heart, precious to my heart – the children from Lesotho who taught me the simplicity of love. The dawn barely breaks before I […]

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The Kingdom of Lesotho

Welcome to Maseru, the capital of the tiny Kingdom of Lesotho located inside of South Africa. Before saying “yes” to squad leading Gap G, I have to be honest, I didn’t know this country existed. And with conviction that has now turned into gratitude, I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve here for […]

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Unified for His Glory

Back in August when my adventure of squad leading Gap G began, I started reading through the book of Ephesians. Though we’re now beginning month five of the race, the Lord constantly brings me back to this book. Constantly. And to the same bit of scripture as well. Paul writes to the Ephesians in chapter […]

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